PROFESSIONAL 0.1Hz-1.0MHz GENERATOR for CLARK and RIFE experimentation techniques.




  • Wide range of output frequencies available: from 0.1 Hz to 1.0 MHz

  • Three waveforms: QSQUARE, SINE, TRIANGLE

  • High resolution: 0.1Hz in LF (up to 20KHz) and 0.1KHz in HF

  • Ability to sweep, frequency modulation, arpeggio

  • Programmable and adjustable output voltage (0-14V)

  • Gradual Start (Soft Start)

  • CLARK Method and RIFE Method in the same apparatus

  • sequences: 14 programmable + 8 preset + manual entry

  • Alarms: bracelets disconnected, over-current, low battery

  • 32 characters backlit alphanumeric display 

  • Long life Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (20 hours)

  • RS232 serial port for programming via P.C.

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