Oil cooled Transfomer Power Supply

for Cathodic Protection Systems


TM25 is a power supply designed for cathodic protection systems which require high currents and very apecial perfomances.


The TM25 model represents the "state of the art" in its field: it combines the reliability of cooling oil system to the performances of high frequency switching control (PWM).


The microprocessor control adds sophisticated performances and very simple use, alike to the HT series power supplies, making this device suitable for particularly challenging systems.

TM Special Series Main Features

  • Output current up to 25A / 50V, with a maximum power output of 1250W continuous

  • Adjustable parameters: P.D., desired base current, maximum current, maximum voltage

  • Alarms and statistical parameters management

  • Input transformer oil cooled, while remaining lightweight, compact and easy to transport (total weight: 20 kg)

  • Incorporate a data logger specialized for cathodic protection, with a range of up to 5 years (/ D option version).

  • Can send a FAX REPORT for each alarm, or with a programmable frequency (/ T option version)

  • It allows to ON / OFF tests with programmable parameters (/ F option version)

  • It allows a dialog with the user easy and intuitive, thanks to 4 displays, one of which is 32 alphanumeric char-acters, with clear and comprehensive information (in Italian or English)

  • High reliability endowed, resisting the strong stress of its operational environment, thanks to the oversizing of the power components and the many protection circuits incorporated

  • Extremely quick and precise adjustment, with an output voltage very clean


Cathodic Protection Power Supply

Efficiency: 82% - Dimensions:  49x31x33cm



 P/N                Vout                  Iout


TM25             50Vcc                 25A


TM50             50Vcc                 50A

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