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The customer produces special metallic wire nets for the mining industry, destined to worldwide market.


The production process of these meshworks requires the application of polyurethane inserts transverse to the network; these inserts are applied by a 6 heads a vulcanising machinery (6 inserts are applied at the same time), which the customer has set up the mechanical parts.


Each head contains two heating elements which must be carefully regulated with a temperature profile (ie the shape of the temperature-time curve) to obtain a proper vulcanization of the inserts.


Micropi realized all electrical and electronic parts for the proper functioning of the machinery.


The device, based on a PLC of our production, reads 12 thermocouples, regulates 12 heating elements, manages the sequences, safety devices, and the temperature profiles programming.


For the same customer has been produced:


  • central units for production management frames metal nets

  • central units for corrugating management 

  • flying shears

  • guillotine shears

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