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Multiprocessor Power Supply for Advanced Cathodic Protection System 


EPC100 power supply is a special multiprocessor system in which more intelligent modules share their tasks and control each other, designed for very high performances systems.


The master system is the PANEL-PC, which is a real industrial grade PC, fanless, on board HDD, with 12" colour touch-screen, Wi-Fi and Ethernet network connection, 8 serial ports (USB, RS232, RS485)


EPC100 contains, in addition to the data-logger, a true multi-track recorder that offers the ability to view on the monitor and in real-time, all the measured traces (P.D.1, P.D.2, currents, etc.) relating to the period of interest, so to get on site a full and detailed understanding of the history of the system; it is able to record (for a limited time of course) even in the absence of the mains, thanks to its internal UPS.


The high-frequency soft-switching power control-type allows to increase the energy efficiency and reduce the electromagnetic pollution; the equipment, while being more complex, it becomes more reliable as it heats up less, and emits less noise, and also delivers a much cleaner voltage (less ripple) compared to conventional power supplies with adjustable SCR.


The basic device may supplies up to 50V/100A (equal to 5 kW output, with a weight of only 25 kg), but it can be expanded with additional power modules 50/100/150A each. The outputs of the modules are parallelable, or each module goes to his sink, and this allows you to expand your system as changing operational needs; in these cases it is  very useful the presence of the PANEL-PC, because the updating of the synoptic and operating procedures result only in an update of the software.



The equipment is fully designed and manufactured in Italy.

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Cathodic Protection Power Supply

EPC100 Main Features

  • Management by a Panel PC with graphic touch screen display and internal UPS

  • On board HDD that allows virtually unlimited recordings of the measured data

  • User-friendly software management, with extensive use of color images and context help

  • Improved energy efficiency by means of soft-switching adjustment 

  • Ability to work with multiple probes, logging measures / events, and broad connectivity

  • Light weight and compact dimensions (cm.49X30X32; approximately 25 kg) for a 100 A machine

  • Possibility of later expansion, adding external power modules  50/100/150A

  • Marine version available (maximum output voltage of 20V)

  • Available also with Imax 50A version (EPC50 model)

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