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Company Introduction

Industrial Automation Micropi

Expertise, professionalism and devotion for all our Customers.

Micropi Elettronica  operates in the Industrial Automation, Informatics and Power Conversion fields, achieved through highly specialized and innovative products, result of over thirty years expertise in design and technology of its technical staff.


During these years (from Sole Proprietorship to a Private Limited Company) Micropi has developed specialized Products Divisions, designing and manufacturing hundreds types of electronic equipment for several industrial sectors:  control units and devices for generator set management, cathodic protection power supplies and instruments, test benches for automotive, antipiracy hardware keys (italian market), automation for  industrial production, quoting the most important.

Constant innovation trough tangible solutions and results.

Industrial Automation Micropi

Micropi is using its strong engineering resources in research and development to point decisively to be as one of the Italian leaders in industrial automation, power generators and automotive test systems.

Managing to manufacture technologically advanced equipment, designed with care (even in terms of appearance), using the best industrial available methods, achieving very high quality and reliability, are our goals.

Industrial Automation Micropi

Focusing and optimizing resources.

Following  an accurate business strategy, Micropi has carefully avoided to play as subcontractor or system-integrator, by using only technical solutions which are developed in-house.

Product quality and reliability, coming from the meticulous care of every project detail.

Industrial Automation Micropi

The Company, endowed with ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate, has got high level equipment (developing systems for microprocessors, EMC full instruments, CAD systems, production line for traditional PTH boards as well as SMD boards, equipment for PCB manufacturing and for micromechanics), succeeding  thus to reach an overall control on the final product and ensuring a very excellent level, in a real time, according to the ever changing market conditions and, finally, being able to offer all these features at very competitive prices.


All our products are designed, manufactured and tested in house.

Industrial Automation Micropi

Analyzing problems, take up the challenge, designing new standards.

In a few well-selected cases, Micropi also develops custom equipment for special applications for new emerging industrial fields.


Last special devices issued:


  • engine/alternator central unit for cogeneration equipment

  • universal test benches for  automatic gearbox

  • specialized instruments equipment for cathodic protection

Playing and competing in new markets.

Industrial Automation Micropi

If You got a specific need that require the use of electronic technologies endowed with high reliability and You are looking for a partner who will support You with solutions that ensure to Your products/services the right economic and technological competitiveness on the market, just contact us: 

a successful result always comes from the right synergies!

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