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Genset Controller Unit

CG98 Model

The CG98 universal control unit offers the best price / performance available on the market: a genset automatic panel based on CG98 is more complete but also more economical to produce (reduced wiring).


This device is produced in different versions and options: managing external tank pump, power factor management, selective insertion of loads, management of parallel, remote management via modem, GSM, fax-report are some of the many features of which is equipped.


The careful design, the result of over twenty years experience in the generators field, the use of high quality components and strict testing procedures, allow us to obtain a product of high reliability, offered with a 2-years warranty.


Programming and usage are the most simple and intuitive you can get: no codes to interpret with the user manual in hand, but clear phrases which describe unambiguously what is happening; you can display up to 9 measures simultaneously.


A quality product can be recognized even by the most minute details. Here are some examples of the salient features of CG98:


the charger is fully on board (does not require an external transformer), and is constantly monitored by the microprocessor.

The battery status is inferred not only by its voltage, but also by the reading of its internal resistance.

The clock / calendar (required for the maintenance plan and for the historical memory records) also works with the controller turned off.


CG98 is programmable for any type of generator and for any level of automation, even in load demand. It allows a dialogue with the operator very easy and intuitive, with clear messages and the possibility of remote management or quick programming from PC.

It can manages a real maintenance plan and the complete history of the failures/repairing intervention, with date / time recording.


It reads, displays and uses the following parameters: oil pressure, water temperature, fuel level, active power, power factor.

It incorporates all accessories (measuring instruments, siren alarm, battery charger, hour meter, etc.) to make a complete panel for genset automatic control.


CG98 is fully customizable in both graphical and functional way.

Typical Applications



  • Automatic Panels

  • Mains/Gensets Parallel Management

  • Cogeneration Systems

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Major Benefits

  • Possibility of remote management and quick programming from PC

  • Embedded, self-protected, 60W switching battery charger

  • Electrical protection: programmable circuit breakers on mains and on genset; programmable windows on mains voltage, generator voltage, generator frequency; programmable alarm sequence

  • Mechanical protection: oil pressure, water temperature, fuel reserve and end (from contacts or analog sensors with programmable thresholds); water level, oil temperature, alternator belt, overspeed

  • Storing the history of automatic interventions, breakdowns history, maintenance plan

  • Programming with nested menus and in all operating conditions; selective alarms exclusion

  • Expansion capabilities via optional internal cards

  • Excellent price / performance

Main Features

  • Power 12V or 24V (automatic switching)

  • 21 on / off inputs and 16 analog inputs

  • 2 relay outputs (AVV, EV), 2 dry contacts (TLG, TLR) 10A / 250V, 4 transistors Open Collector programmable to 15 functions

  • Direct measurement and display: 3 mains phases, 3 generator phases, 3 load currents, active power, apparent power, load power factor, frequency, phases sequence, battery voltage, charger current, fuel level, water temperature, oil pressure

  • Reports: 32 digit LCD, high brightness 9 digits display, 19 signaling LEDs functions / failures

  • OPERATING MODES: excluded, manual, automatic test

  • Diagnostics: real battery state, charger, contactors, test LED and alarm siren, inputs and outputs status display

  • RS232 interface; Optional RS485, CAN BUS

  • Serial output for alarm remote management module RA16

  • MESSAGES LANGUAGES: Italian, English, French, Spanish; Russian (Cyrillic) on request

  • Available in different versions / configurations, all with graphics and customizable features

  • Dimensions and protection degree: 3000x185x80 mm (LxHxD) IP65 (front) or IP54 on request (front)

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